psArchive (PHP Extension)

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To begin with, psArchive is a PHP 5 extension designed to provide an easy to use interface for manipulating all the most common archive files used in web projects.

It is especially designed for web applications that need to understand, to produce or even edit archives in order to function.

Here are some features:

  • Supports archive *editing*! You can add, remove, rename and copy files, you can change file contents, attributes and modification time, you can create new files and directories, *all* right inside the archive before output.
  • Supports the following archive formats:
    - 1. ZIP (single volumes);
    - 2. TAR (tarball tape archive);
    - 3. GZ (Gzip compressed format);
    - 4. BZ, BZ2 (Bzip/Bzip2 compressed format);
    - 5. TAR.GZ, TGZ (Gzipped Tarball);
    - 6. TAR.BZ2, TAR.BZ, TBZ2, TBZ (Bzipped Tarball);
    - 7. Other formats can be supported on demand, such as RAR or ACE support (since these formats are uncommon in web environments we decided not to include them in order to keep the extension size as small as possible);
  • Configurable buffer storage for optimized and threadsafe memory handling:
    - 1. In raw memory (for optimized speed);
    - 2. In compressed memory (normal operation);
    - 3. On disk (for optimized memory consumption);
  • Provides 2 functions for extremely fast in memory data compression / decompression using LZF algorithm. These functions correctly compress / decompress data blocks far greater than 1024 bytes;
  • Plus many great others!


  • This tool is built for speed under high workloads, but in order to achieve that you must read the documentation and understand how to configure it.
  • The provided archive contains a binary version compiled under FC4. It is very probable that you will have to recompile this extension yourself. In that case you must use GCC 3.x (not 4.0 or older). If you have GCC 4.x+ installed then you may try giving the command

export CC=gcc32

at the command line before compiling psArchive. Good luck!

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